Looking for pilots for my new VA, Sam Airways

Hello I’m looking for pilots who will join Sam Airways VA we use all leverys please leave your name and aircraft and subscription if you don’t have a subscription it’s ok please were looking for pilots you can run any route we have hubs at LAX CDG SFO and JFK anyone is welcome if anyone wants to be in marketing management or a secretary message me it the top, Sam Airways was part of something I did for school so I want to make it bigger you can speak any language and live any where your wecome to join. If you want to join give your name and plane no outside talk for copyright safely we use A380
Our website is up https://sagroup2016.wordpress.com/ Apply here Wufoo · Error for ATC apply here Wufoo · Error

HI Sam, have moved this to VA category as this is where threads about VAs belong. please check the guidelines ;)

happy flying

Thanks I can’t find the VA in the list

Its just under the ATC category.

If you are a very new member then you may only have TL1 which means that you cant start new topics in all of the threads just yet. Have a read of the forum guidelines in order to understand :)

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Made your title more descriptive and appealing, so others can join you!

Make sure you add descriptive titles next time

Hi Sam, I notice that your trying to advertise your Virtual Airline a lot. It’s good that you want an active team.

I suggest not going over the boundaries of threads. Keep it to a minimum of at least 2-3 threads for your Virtual Airline. If you want to advertise more, than bump your original topic up.

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We need a CEO for Sam Airways Cargo apply here Wufoo · Error it closes be 4:00

Three tips for starting off:

  • Be creative
  • Be unique
  • Use correct grammar, punctation, spelling

I can pretty surely tell this is going to be one of many VAs that are immediately rejected by the community, because the whole presentation does not appeal a user at all and it does not offer anything special.

Re-think your entire VA concept, if you want to have success in this business.


Who ever applied please contact me in a message do to technical issues

I have applied for COO, Pilot and CEO (Cargo)@Sam1

Do you have a website yet?

Not yet it’s supposed to be done

Hello Sam,

I am the President of PortSide Airways. We partner with newer airlines to help them grow, and to help us grow. If you are interested in a partnership please PM my Chief Opperations Officer @PlanesForLife for more info. Thanks!

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Thank you Hunter,

I would like to Reiterate what Hunter had said. First of all, @Sam1, I’m the COO of POSA. I designed a website, and managed events for POSA. We like to partner with smaller airlines, such as GoNFly to make them bigger, as well as making us bigger. If you have any questions, regarding joining our alliance, please PM me. Thank you!


Please keep your posts in your original thread :)

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Au contraire to what many people said about Sam Airways lacking the professionalism, I was just thinking of joining this VA and then this thread appeared!

So are you joining this VA, or not?

Check the mail, mate ;)

We do have professional experience we have a website I will add it

I don’t mind helping correcting the grammars :)