Looking for pilot with the callsign KLM 340

Whoever was just at EDDL on the expert server with the callsign KLM 340, display name Stephvan B, pm me, I need to talk to you.


why, also why dont you use their display name

May I ask what happend?

Didn’t catch it

ah okay. if you tell me in pm i may be able to guess who they are

Just needs a refresher on ATC instructions

What plane was they

Oh alright thank you.

Just found the the display name, is Stephvan B in a 777-200lr

okay ill look around the area too see if hes there

What grade and were you controlling?

I don’t think he is on the comunity

nope he’s not on the community and not flying. if i were you id contact tyler, tom or joe one of the staff

Alright, thanks for checking , just a very rude and not very smart pilot, that’s all.

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