Looking for Pilot with Callsign SX75

Hey guys.

Looking for the user with the callsign SX75 and Display name Matthieu Obrist

Thanks in advance

He may not be on the IFC
Could give a little info on him?

That’s as much info as I can see lol

Contact a mod to see if they can find him.

A mod can’t find them any easier than members. That’s why I asked in a general form

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He probably isn’t in IFC

Most likely, but it can’t hurt to look for him :)

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I searched up all the Matthieus and the closest to the name is MatthieuORiley

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i have seen this user online… in the casual server…
the user was flying an Airbus A330-300. in the livery of china airlines…

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That’s not relevant, we already know hes an online user. The OP is asking whether he is on the IFC. Please read before replying :)

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I don’t think he’s a Member. A mod can close this.

If anyone finds him though, just shoot me a PM :)