Looking for photorealistic look

I am always trying to merge my old passion for photography and the great fun I have on IF. I am trying gradually to reach the more photorealistic results I can get from IF replays. I am using also some additional software to edit the pictures in order to get the realism I am looking for. Still a lot of work to do but I would like to share my first attempt. Let me know what you think, maybe in the future I will write a tutorial if the results will be satisfactory.

Aircraft: A320 Vueling
Route: Milan Malpensa - Barcellona, afternoon flight
Server: Training

image image image


Those look very realistic. Great job!

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There looking great! The 2nd one looks pretty real, keep it up!


Awesome this looks great the first one is outstanding keep it up!

I absolutely love the last one! Great job and keep up the great work!

Looking good! 1st one is nicely edited, look forward to seeing more

Taking shots from under the aircraft look quite realistic, like thisimage0-1


The first one looks pretty dang real.
I can tell on the second one you added a vignette to make it look real but I feel like most photographers would enable profile corrections to take out the vignette, just my $0.02. Angle makes it look pretty real though

My basic idea is to reduce the “perfect” look and introduce some of the most common problems real photographs have. I am also trying to reduce the over contrast and correct the colors.

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1st and 2nd ones are absolutely incredible. Good job

That second one could pass as real. Beautiful! Well done.