Looking for partner(s)

Hey everyone,

I think we can all agree that Infinite Flight Live is the best feature on IF. But what use is it if you don’t have a partner to share the experience with, or to fly with? I am a member of the IFAO, and a number of other virtual airlines for IF, yet the events that are organised are rare if any. If you want an seasoned pilot to fly with, don’t hesitate to send me a PM. I fly quite regularly and often on the ATC Playground server. If you are interested in playing on the Advanced Server, do not worry, I have access to that as well, and am happy to fly there per request. If you are a group and are looking for a part-time recreational pilot to fly with, I am your man. So let’s experience IF Live how it’s meant to be played ; together.

Please do not hesitate to drop me a mail, or contact me. I am open for anything.

Best wishes,

A fellow IF pilot


I’ll join. Where?

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Hi, I am pretty new to IF, however I am able to use ATC and be able to takeoff/ land. If you were interested in a partner for the ATC playground, I’d be open.

Hey @JFKPlaneSpotter101 , happy you’re open to the idea! Send me a PM for futher planning!

Hello @callum_leishman , I am so ravished about your willingness to partner. Send me a PM.
Look forward to hearing from you!!!

I hope by pm you mean time. I am about ready right now!

I mean Private Message. It’s in the forum.
You should get a notification that’s green with a “1” in it at your profile in the corner