Looking for new ipad

Thats what I said its the best deal


The student iPad I believe that how they market it. That’s the one I use I have all my setting on high and only have small lag spikes during FnF.

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well if your on a budget I would suggest the iPad mini or the iPad 8th generation!

Thank you all. Have decided on the 2020 iPad Air


Your welcome @Logan111012. Glad I could help.

Hello, I recently left a review for the 2020 iPad Pro 12.9” model on the 20.2 device compatibility thread! I strongly recommend you consider it!

Well first WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY I use an iPad 4 mini, that works well enough for me, but I’m guessing that you would like something a little bigger!

I am going to buy the new iPad Air 2020 in a couple of days and I intend to use it mainly for Infinite Flight (with good graphics, no lag etc). But i am also going to use it for flight training preparation as I start flight school late summer next year. We will get iPads from the school but I think the Air will be useful here and there (but mainly Infinite Flight) :)


I’ve got an ipad 7 from January 2020, tho the battery life isn’t so great

I just purchased the iPad 2020 last week, and it was $329! Great purchase because I didn’t need to purchase something like the pro I just needed the iPad and its great and it runs smoothly without problems.

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I have an Ipad Air 3 and I love it! It was like $900 (so pretty expansive 😒) but it works really well!

Depending on how much fire power you need, I would recommend the standard iPad for the “I just need to do my daily things” or whatever. If you’re looking for more heavy programs, or whatever, then I would recommend the latest iPad Air (the one that’s like the iPad Pro)

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If you want a cheap iPad with good performance get the new 2020 iPad. If you have more money to spend and want to keep the device for many years, the more modern design, better screen, and upgraded performance will help the iPad last much longer since it will be supported for a much longer time. Wouldn’t recommend the mini because it is more expensive with the same specs as the normal iPad, and the Pro’s are not worth the extra cash over the air unless you want to use it as a computer.

iPad 2020:

iPad Air 2020:

I have a second hand 2017 iPad Pro 2nd Gen 64GB. I run full IF specs on it…I fly serious longhauls in IF almost daily and haven’t experienced any issues…I like the bigger screen. I have never flown IF on a phone but I think I am just old and my eyes are failing 😊.

I use a 2020 ipad pro for IF however it’s pretty expensive. If u want to get one of the later ipads at a decent price I’d recommend the 2020 ipad Air. It has apples latest chip inside it and the other performance specs are good for the price, and the screen is also a good size. That would easily run IF at high graphics.

I reckon the 2018 ipad pro would also still be good but idk how much they cost now. I would definitely consider those 2 ipads though!

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id say you should get an ipad mini 5 it works like a champ and is the newest ipad mini by apple. Also its not too expensive.

I’m using iPad Air 3rd generation and it is perfectly working

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Hello! The iPad Air 2020 is a very good option.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Somewhat Cheap price.
  • Fastest chip out currently. (Same as iPhone 12)
  • Can be used for infinite flight but a variety of different purposes such as school, drawing etc.
  • All screen design.
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i am thinking of getting the IPAD 8th gen, but i am also thinking of getting the Samsung tab S7. i know the tab 7 is much stronger than the Ipad 8, but i am only planning on using it for IF, so which should i get ?

The tab s7 appears to be more of an equivalent to the iPad Air (latest one) or the iPad Pro, not so much the standard model.

So, I would personally pick the tab s7 over the standard iPad mainly because the specs are a bit better and you can have a keyboard attached to it without Bluetooth