Looking for N421BB (@KSFO), was it you?

Hello, if you are User 42236 or callsign N421BB please contact me (I was your tower at KSFO)


Keep in mind many users might not have an IFC account or if they do they might not be active.

I wish you the best of luck though in finding this user.

I thought of that, just hoping he is on.

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This is like a “missed connections” classified. If you find him, send him a tutorial on picking a new name!

If you were N421BB at SFO and the tower kept asking you to “check runway assignment” than please come forward. May 26, 2019.

Is it because you ghosted him?

If this was on training server it is most likely that it’s a new user and also probably has no knowledge on ATC (if you want to complain about his actions)


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