Looking for interested people who want to revive JetSpeed VA *IFVARB CERT GOALS ON HOLD*

Willing to pour time and effort into helping us succeed and get IFVARB cert
Willing to deal with teething problems
Fairly well known on the forum
Help with our website
Stay active as much as possible
Pitch good ideas and be a good team member all around
Take on staff roles *may have been previously filled
What we have to offer
First off, see our website for more details or if TLDR

USE THIS FORM TO SIGN UP https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdl0ALhgWZbD3sJoVqUFHtPB_4WThFo-GPLNrvaG03cQoyXuQ/viewform
We offer a rigorous exam process involving watching flights and exec decisions among the leadership board (may need new members, since they seem to be inactive)
Just a good, solid new VA not trying to outdo everyone with fancy features and the like
A ranking system like no other VA, devised from the ground up
A diverse fleet for anyone to use
Amazing staff communication using Slack and Direct Messages on IFC and Slack
Easy signup
An all around solid airline.

Promotional Video:

Leadership Document

-See website for sign up or PM me if you have interest, comments, questions, and/or concerns.

“Only JetSpeed can take you there.”

We hope to see you soon!

Was this post approved by the IFVARB?

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I wasn’t aware it needed to be but in that case I will get certification and take this down until then. :)

All VA applications are on hold for the moment. It’ll be a while. If you want to build up the VA and make everything ready for when they do open the applications that’s perfectly acceptable

That would explain why we never got cert to begin with. They just seemed to stop responding after a while and that’s when it got inactive (JetSpeed that is.)

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