Looking for good routes to fly

Anyone know some good short haul routes to Madrid that have interesting scenery or that are fun to fly?

I’d suggest places such as the Canary Islands, and basically any Ryanair route, their quiet airports provide some great views, surprising on what we miss out on. Try flying from Bilbao (LEBB), that’s a very short flight to Madrid I just came in from Gatwick, with a stunning approach!


The Canary Islands is a bit long, but Bilbao looks like a sweet idea.

Nice (LFMN) may be an option, but could be too long :)

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Nice is good.

I would say ether Zurich or Geneva

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Try Ibiza (LEIB) to Madrid (LEMD).

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EGKK (bias)

Vienna, Split, Catania, Tunis, Casablanca, etc.

Barcelona is great too! (LEBL-LEMD)


Cassablanca to Madrid. Tons of scenery on that route, as short as it is. Enjoy :)

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Try flying to Santander (LEXJ). It has a beautiful approach with rolling hills and beaches!

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I’d say Perth to London or Tokyo to Istanbul

This should really help. 😉

We have lots of route suggestion topics and other great resources at our availability instead of creating a topic. Let’s try to use those tools first before we create a topic. 😉