Looking for display name Bora Pinar callsign N264HC

This person was a KSFO on the training server in a 748. This person continually ignored the ATC and even taxied through me.

Unfortunately if this was on Training, you cannot do anything about it as there is not ghosting. Just try to ignore it.

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On Training server, there is pretty much nothing we can do, unfortunately. For a better experience, go on Expert, where everyone must be respected or they will be ghosted.

I would fly on expert but I don’t have 40,000 XP yet.

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Work hard in TS, ignore the people that thought “training” reads casual, and ull be in expert 😁

It was on training so there’s not really a high change that he is on the forum, the only thing you have to do is move on to expert when achieve grade 3 or if you are grade 3 or higher, because in expert rarely anything like this happends, and most people are on the IFC.

The name of the person allows us to conclude some things. The display name is Portugese slang for "Lets have s*x, so you are looking for any Portuguese speaker, being most likely to be a Portuguese guy. Look around Portugal in live flight and you’ll probably find him. Unfortunately, I don’t know any Portuguese guy with an American callsign, and anyone who is so Shameless. Hope this helped.

That’s completely untrue, it’s possible to find them and have a productive chat about what happened so everyone can learn from it. :)

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As what people have said above, this incident happened on Training server, and not that many people have a IFC account if they are under grade 2. But yes, even without a response from person who caused this incident, it is still great to talk about it as a community

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