Looking for Captain Sam

Captain Sam

Please PM me if your on here

Not everyone who uses Infinite Flight Simulator is on IFC.

Hopefully this pilot is :)


I’m assuming you had the same issue. Lol

Can you pull up any info about them?

There are alot of Captain Sam’s on the IFC.I am sure he is on fhe forum

Maybe tag all the Captain sams and the right one will respond…

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And what if all of them responds because they don’t know who the acual Captain Sam is supposed to contact him 😂

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Well, the odds on 2 Captain sams having

As theyr calssign are quite low

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I did a search. I does look like there’s a few of them. I’m looking for the one flying a heavy doing the touch and go’s at KJFK 20 minutes ago. He really needs to be on another server if he’s going to use that method he used to get his landing count up.

What is the issue doing touch and goes at KJFK? I see no true issue with this

I think that is not the issue:

Most likely he touched and went from a runway, did a 180, did it on another one, which technically wouldn’t be allowed, because only one particular direction is used in an airport, especially a busy one.


What server was he on?

I’m assuming expert, because casual is allowed, no one cares about TS and the OP said:

So I just landed and wanted to double check my replay for accuracy

I was looking for
that was at KJFK flying 777-300ER on Expert server

There was a small amount of traffic at the airport but it becomes very unpredictable when there is zero communication as far as position reports etc. He was not only using all of the runways in both directions, but he would spin around on the same runway and take off again with no position reports or intentions announced. Then spin back around and started a steep turn to approach to land on the runway I just departed from. Causing me to turn away. No big deal. If anyone finds him I would just Reccomended to him either communicate or use an other server please and thank you.


You could report to the moderators, however don’t know if actual action can be taken? Fairly unfamiliar, but would give it a try.

Nothing can be done their has been talks about changing the training server we might see it in the future.

i use IFC and i activly use Infinite Flight

Thanks for the report. In the future a PM to the moderators would have been a better solution. Not every pilot is on the community.