Looking for “Capt Harding”

I’d like to speak to this person regarding a flight if anyone knows their username, should they be on here.

Callsign was Tomson 360.


looks like someone is in trouble


Spill the beans so all can learn!


Well, I was performing a flight from Amsterdam to Cardiff on the Expert server and first of all I spotted a fighter flying at over 1100kts whilst I was descending…(below)

Note that he is ascending through FL420 at this point.

All is otherwise uneventful up until about 6nm from RWY 30 at Cardiff when I spot this guy unbelievably close almost tagging my tail. I decided to go around at 3nm out as he was still there, climb to 4000 and position for another approach which was successful - even though he was still right behind me on second approach I gathered he was going to be one of these stubborn “I’m going to follow you” pilots.

If he wishes to do neck-breaking speeds and pull brain-bursting Gs and then harass another flight, it should be done on the Casual server.


He just wanted to be your friend :)


Was he near London Heathrow? I had a fighter try and tail me when I was landing on expert.

This wasn’t me but I don’t see anything wrong with it… (I have no problem with having an aircraft coming up to me and going formation) and sometimes I will even do that as it’s fun and sometimes it will make someone feel good that they attracted a friend (that feeling is great)

And if they don’t want you to do that how would you know?

Much as I joked about it above frankly it can be annoying when you are trying to concentrate on what you are doing. I have had it done to me before and my reaction is similar to @AtomicHerbster4 However, short of managing to find and PM someone on here there isn’t any way to prevent it on TS.


It was annoying, he sped up to the back of me at 600kts…I don’t want that happening really.

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Yeah, I think he was at one point before coming my way.

But would you be good with let’s say 250 knots behind you and then following you about 1-2 nms to the side?

Im ok with it while I am cruising but when landing my attention is on lots of things at once.

It’s likely the pilot in question isn’t here in the community.