Looking for Capt_D_Brown

How does one locate an individual within IFC?

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Hi, Mikey! I believe that is @Capt_D_Brown.

You can type their username into the search bar with or without an “@” sign in front of it. I’d also suggest trying different forms of one’s username if the first form isn’t bringing up results (e.g. Captain_Brown, etc).

When it comes to searching for IFATC, the Controller Directory is a great place to head. Simply enter the respective controller’s display name into the search box and click on the green link to their IFC profile.


Thank you!!!

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Thanks @lucaviness

Hi @Mikey1974, “Checking in”. : ) What’s going on? I heard you were looking for me? I didn’t do it, I swear.jk.

Love your profile pic by the way!

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Yeah! It was a pleasure having you along with us! If you ever want to join GAF, I’d love to have you in our group!

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Thanks. Were you GAF Larson in our flight of 3 F-16? I was looking for you. If so I was talking to Zach and I’ll have to invite you to the convo.

Yessir! That was me!

Guys Please take this to a PM! Thanks! 😊

Given that they stopped here more than an hour ago and the second to last message was saying they were going to take the conversation else where I’m going to hazard to guess they did. Not sure this needed bumped to the top to tell them to do something they already did… 🤔


@Hardlanding_Hussain that’s was 1 hour ago and they haven’t replied to this since 😂