Looking for ATC training.

hello, I am preparing for the ATC test and let me know if there is any supervisor or trainer who is willing to do some pattern with me, to give me some advice and test myself. is this possible or do I have to do alone? thank you all.

PMd you buddy.

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Hi mate, just letting you know that if you don’t find a mentor. Just create a ATC thread advertising your online at a certain airport. Make sure to put valuable info inside and what your want to be tested on. Ask for feedback!

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I do often but i will want to do with some ATC

There are plenty of ifatc that are willing to help you out.

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PM me.
I’m an ATC

Umh … as you see not many

All ATC’s cant train. Only a few can . @JQW @mhhodges76

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If it’s only for practise, anyone can.

No, any controller can give feedback. Practising a guy for ATC can only be done by a few controllers.


My understanding is that ATC supervisors can. Oh well…

Your Understanding is wrong :)

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Oh well, I was only trying to help anyways. Looks like I can’t then.

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Ok then OP, if you need feedback then let me know…

Do not really think there is a difference.
Ex. Training- it is important that you sequence aircraft in the pattern to avoid confusion before clearing them for landing.
Ex. Feedback- You was not sequencing aircraft including myself that was in the pattern. It is important to sequence to avoid confusion before clearing to land

@dush19 i think that every ATC can help someone to improve,he can just give some advice,maybe i’m wrong but will be easy to improve.

As Dush said their are only a couple that can actually train you. The rest of us can fly and give you feedback in what we did or didn’t see. But only a select few can show you a better way step by step.

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