Looking for ATC Controllers for IFSIM

IFSIM has recently opened it network to public. There are many pilots on the network connected to Unicom. Why Unicom? Because there is no ATC yet.

If you don’t know why IFSIM is, info on our website: http://www.ifsimnetwork.weebly.com

If you are interested in becoming a controller for IFSIM, either send an application (Form on the website) or PM me.

Keith James


How can you guarantee that the testing for the controllers is being done professionally? Are you an Air Traffic Controller?

I am CEO. I have seen training being done.

Training where?

Are you an advanced controller?

No, VATSIM. We are currently in the middle of hiring training directors. Some applications were sent in by VATSIM training directors.

if you need help testing, I am more than willing to help, as I previously mentioned, I fly a PC12 and Cessna Caravan in real so I am more that familiar with real ATC if you need help>

Just to be clear, this will only take place on the free flight server. Doing this on the Advanced Server leaves people subject to ghost, following a conflicting set of instructions.

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Yes, forgot to mention it in this post. It is written all over the website.

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