Looking for anyone interested in IFVATC! Verbal ATC

Looking to add some new members. Come join us!

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Please wait till your TL2 as this sort of belongs in the VA category.

How will it work?

It’s not a VA, I don’t see how it’s a VA when it’s an ATC group.

We use an app called discord to communicate. It’s similar to 2-way radio. We use real world communications, charts, etc. we also have all frequencies including clearance delivery which is not included in Infinite flight

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How fun is it? Does so,done have a video they can share?

I would love to join it man I have discord on my laptop but not on my phone yet can you reply me for more information about how I can join

We don’t have any sort of videos as most of us are IOS users and we can’t screen record.

I’m an iOS user too…I am really interested in this idea. Can I pm you and get more details out of you? Or is there someone else I need to talk to?

Let me know if you need any help from a vatsim controller :)

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We definitely need controllers😉

Go ahead and PM me

@Mats_Edvin_Aaro was already a controller on IFSIM so should just automatically be IFVATC controller too, right? Since it is like the same thing.

I really wasn’t, not sure why I didn’t apply but yeah… hahah! :P But I’ve done a lot of VATC on Zello, apart from… well… VATSIM :P

Ok. I’d really like if verbal ATC grew more popular. I think it would be great.


You must be amazing

Just download the discord app and I’ll give you the invite code ASAP

Ok I Will download it now man

You should be ya we’ll probably do a quick retest though

Ok I’ll get you the code when I get the updates one