Looking for an active VA.

I was not sure where to post this but I am an grade 1 pilot with 36 hours in the air so pretty new and I am looking for a VA that can help me develop my skills and be part of an larger community thanks

Hello! I recommend taking a look here for VAs. :)



I had a look but I am not sure if all airlines are there because I thought there was a flybe VA

All VARB approved VAs are listed. If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t exist (yet). 😉


All active VAs are on that Database. If there is no FlyBe VA on the Database, that means it doesn’t exist. :)

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Thanks any reccomendations for larger airlines

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In my opinion Fedex is the best cargo lol

I recommend United Virtual (I’m the CEO and Founder of it haha). :)


@george141 which country you looking for?

This discussion won’t be biased at all… :)

Let’s not turn this into an advertisement thread please.

Have a look around Liveflight @george141 and you’ll see some VA pilots flying around.

Just like @racerclc said, it is also important to join a VA which interests you. For example, if you like flying for AA irl, join AAVA. If you like AC, join ACVA etc.


Maybe Irish or British but I would not mind too much

give me a sec I’ll get you the best rated VAs list

Based on what you said, I suggest British Airways Virtual.

Sure I will have a look at them

This may not be 105% accurate anymore, but here were the top 5 VAs last year: https://sites.google.com/view/skytrax-virtual/if-virtual-airline-awards/5-star-ifva
Air France/KLM or British Airways both seem to be pretty good candidates for that area. I’ve heard good things about them.
Personally, I’m in Delta Virtual and American Virtual, and I think they’re both very good options too.
Full Skytrax thread: SkyTrax IF Virtual RESULTS!

Thanks for all your responses you have been really helpful

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The choice is ultimately yours. It is up to you to review the database, look at each one and make an informed decision for yourself based on what YOU are looking for in a VA. Routes, advancement, rank, bidding, etc. Some people just want people to fly with while some are looking for much more like flight bidding and earnings.

If you join one and it is not a right fit, you can always resign and join another.

Oh, and have fun!


I had a look at BA but I found two websites which one is correct