Looking for all British Airways VA members

Hello there, it’s Gman. I am the co owner of British Airways Va and I will be asking for ALL British Airways members to give me your emails so I could add you guys to our slack . If you know that you are part of the VA please leave a comment below with your email address. If you don’t feel like sharing your email out in the open just pm me. We would like to keep in touch with you guys for important events and that we know that you guys are active. Thanks Gman :)

Overspeed here, you got me ;)

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I have you already

yep. Just waitin for the others … Hope theyre active on the forums

You could’ve messaged me- this goes for Gman too.

I can send a mail list out to everyone later.

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How do you go about joining?


I would love to join but I don’t have live so it would be pointless:(. I’m not getting live any time soon:(((

How come???

Don’t have a google account. Just about too young :(
Next year though!
Not allowed to get IAP

Well fair enough then

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If you talk to @ColonelJeff you could maybe get a staff position as admin or something which won’t involve flying

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Yeah. Maybe. Thanks!😄

so where is the link for BA VA

It should be on the virtual airline database

Ok sorry about that thanks

and where is that

A can be easily sorted by “accidentally” changing your date of birth to make you a year older but B might be a problem can always buy iTunes gift cards

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ok will have a look…thanks

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