Looking for advice on submitting to Jetphotos

Hello everyone!
Lately I’ve been trying to post pictures from my last spotting trip on Jetphotos and they’ve been rejected because of various reasons and I was searching for advice on IFC.
I have here are some photos that I’ve thought to be good to post there
Alaska Airlines Skywest E175 N400SY

The next picture that I want to up load is the Alaska Airlines 737-900 Russel Wilson livery
And the last one is of this Alaska Airlines Dash 8 Q400

I would appreciate any input on what I can do to get these pictures ready to post to JetPhotos!


With a bit of editing, the first one is a hard maybe. The second and third one is definitely a no.


i did’nt know there was a Russel Wilson Livery!


I was thinking the same thing I try to resize it and maybe lighten it up a bit

And rotate it. The winglet is cut off, so that is an automatic rejection. I would say to focus more on the front of the aircraft.

Still, even with that, hard maybe. JP looks for these kinds of shots (and I got this one in on the first try!)

Quality and framing is a huuuuuuge factor. Without just one of those, there is no chance.


Each one has a reason not to be accepted, first one isn’t entirely in frame, second one is way too far away and the third one kinda falls out of frame. They are also all way to dark

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I have some more pictures that are better quality and more lit up and are not cut off that I could maybe show

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Yeah give that a shot. #1 is the only one that has a slight chance. JP has a pretty good photo guideline page on their forum. It shows everything you are required to do. I’d check that if you haven’t already; very helpful. Days where it’s gloomy like that are probably the worst days to go spotting. You want to go when it’s sunny or maybe when there are after a nice thunderstorm passes through (I’ve found some really good shots during that time).


Thank you @Pilot_urp I will probably go with #1 and see if it qualifies within the guidelines

None of them will be able to make it. The first one is cut off and a bit blurry, while the rest are also blurry. You’ll need to adjust your shutter speed and ISO because they’re quite dark. I recently tried this photo and it was rejected. What can I say, they’re really strict! (though one to the reasons was object infront which makes sense)


Painfully, believe me. And, I have to say, some of those screeners are not the nicest people in the world… I might be able to do a fixer-upper on the first one if you want me to @NathanD, but because the winglet is cut off and that the photo was taken at an angle it’s definitely gonna be a maybe. But the other two probably won’t pass. The second one is too zoomed out and the third one is a bit too blurry.


I think the third could work. However, you would have to rotate it, remove the haze, and increase contrast.


I think I can do those things do you have a photo editor that you would suggest me to use?

I’d suggest the typical adobe products (Lightroom, Photoshop).
However, there are also free options such as Gimp that do the exact same things.


Attempted to edit it. (Click for full picture)

I still doubt that it will make it.

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Maybe the first. Would have to level and center and maybe add a little more contrast. Second one is too blurry and third has too low contrast


And here’s my go on the first one. If the left wingtip wasn’t cut than it might’ve made it. (click for full pic)

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My hand must have been shaking or something because I just went out without a tripod or anything and just took pictures

I don’t know if this is IFC compression or the actual picture but I’m not sure this is good enough quality.


Nope. It needs to be rotated, otherwise it’ll get rejected for the horizon line not being level.