Looking for active GA VA

Hello all!
Flare911 here. Looking for an active GA VA to fly with. Looking to do a around the world flight eventually in a TBM but would like to do it with a group of others.

Please delete if post is posted in the wrong place.

Hey there jus go to ifvarb.com/database.php where you’ll get information about all the activite VAs.

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Before someone comes up here to bash me on by saying when it’s answered it’s answered then please be known that the link mentioned above by @Matevz_Treven is outdated. IFVARB has now it’s own website where all the informations about the active VAs are present. Thanks and have a good day!

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Don’t know what you mean here but… Jus because I’m CEO of AIVA(SA now,need to update me bio) doesn’t means I can’t join other VA/VO thanks

Yes, it does. It’s IFVARB regulations.

Not necessarily. Just because you are the CEO of another VA, doesnt mean you must only be in that VA. You just can’t be staff in another VA


Dylan is correct. You cannot be staff of another VA, but you can be a pilot of another VA.

You should do some Group Flights! Lots of GA fans hiding in the woodwork.

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Tailwinds flying club is a good one

Is it still active?

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Yeah it is

Where do i go to apply?

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