Looking For a Website Developer/Coder


Good day,

I’m looking for an individual who is skilled at creating websites (not Weebly or WordPress) and adding in features. More information can be given upon pm’ing me. There is a possibility of being paid.




Thanks for your post, its great your reaching out to the community.

This post is best placed, if anywhere, in ‘The Lounge’ a specialist category reserved for TL3 users. At this stage, id recommend that you contribute effectively to the community to maximise your chances of achieving that status and in the interim, take this to Gumtree…



This might be something you want to consider 🙂


I contacted the operator of that website, said the website would be done 2 weeks ago and I’m still waiting ;).


Well at this point I wouldn’t just look for someone else while they might still be working on it…people have real lives, sometimes it takes a little longer.

A gentle reminder via PM might work, maybe it has been forgotten :)


He’s just asking for a website builder cuz he can’t find one, a PM search meathod would be hard as he dosnt know who codes or not.