Looking for a VO

Hello, Im looking for a VO,
I’ll probably join IFHUB but I don’t know how many pilots are they there, can someone advise me please ?

Not too sure, but you can ask @TRDubh as he is the COO I believe.


Do you know any other good VOs ?

IFPHG (Infinite Flight Philippine Group) :D

There are a variety of quality VAs and VOs listed here:

Also, #support is for technical issues with the app. This probably goes better in #general or #live.

I know, thanks for the link but I’ve passed 2hours to see every VOs but ifk if:
IFHUB is good
IFGC is good
IFGAC is good

Anyway, you understood me

Make sure to look for IFVARB approved VOs! They are much more professional.

CEO is @rebal15
COO is @DanyyRude

If you’re looking for something else that’s more based off of real life, I’d suggest GAF, then you can work up to IFAE!

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what is a VO (ik what it stands for but not what it is

VO stands for Virtual Organisation.

I know that but not what it is/does

This is soon enough going to turn into an advertising thread, so I’m gonna hop in and say go to ifvarb.com/database and find something that you like the look of. You could even try out the new “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature which selects a VA/VO at random for you to look at.

Have fun.


It is very similar to a VA, except is not based of a real world airline ;)

Not necessarily. We (USCG Virtual) are a VO and are based off of a real world organisation. A VO is essentially a flying group that isn’t a commercial airline.


Yes, hence why I said airline :)

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Depending on how often you plan to fly, what, and where, I’d suggest looking at a VO which has no minimum flying standards, such as IPP and IFGAC.

IPP is a group of pilots in-game who will fly any route anywhere, and from my personal opinion generally do not use real world routes and aircraft in their events, but still keep their routes and airline to a realistic perspective. I’d say this is a VO for those who fly for the newer aircraft, on short routes.

IFGAC is for General Aviation. Made for people who love flying the glass cockpit in the new aircraft and exploring the much slower and lower pace. I’d suggest this VO to anyone who has an interest in exploring and keeping realistic procedures when flying small.

Virtual Airlines are also fun, but I would say have a lot higher standards than a good number of VO’s, from pilot hours, to expected activity and skills. Flying the same airline can get boring for those who like flying new things, but is great for those who love a specific region of the world, or specific airlines.

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Hello, I’m the COO at IFHUB would you like to take this to PM?

Guys, this isn’t the place to advertise your VAs and VOs. The OP has been linked to the IFVARB site and put in contact with the team at IFHUB as requested.

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Definitely agree with @KaiM here ^