Looking for a VA (VA Youtuber)

Recently i have became an official IFYT (infinite flight youtuber) and i was wondering if a very active va would like a youtuber to join. Doing a channel and lots of videos for the VA.

Thanks josh

Try joining TFS (The Flying Squad) it’s not a Va but it is a group of amazing active pilots contact @Emil_Broe or @tonycfc95 for more information


Sorry i am pacifically looking for VAs but thanks anyway @Excalibur

No problem

Join the Infinite Flight Independent Airline http://www.infiniteflight-IFIA.weebly.com @jjt0909

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Sorry virtual airlines @zbelle

Easyjet needs a promotional video!! We want a commencail, and pilot videos

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join the international Cargo group http://cessnapilot98.wix.com/icgva

Join Hopper Virtual because we fly to the smaller airports such as KHHR instead of KLAX. eI’m also rather active.

TravelSky maybe?

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Don’t worry, I’m with you @grxninesix! (wink)

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I am also up to help do some commercial videos for VAs.


I would love to have you as our official youtouber for whirlwind VA. @jjt0909 what do you think?


I would need a advertisement video for my VA, whirlwind VA @Bulba

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Ok PM me so you can give me some details so I can make the video.

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Also PM me (same PM as Bulba)

here join klm va I am looking for a youtuber position to promote the airline just fill out the application http://thestatueofgaming.wix/flyklmva

Okay roger that @Andy_Le

Why dont you join Emirates VA?