Looking for a tutor

I am looking for someone with experience to tutor me on multiple different areas that I locked in. Mainly landing on non ILS runways, understanding winds and crosswinds, flap settings and more things that I can think of right now. I would prefer if you are over 18 and had at least 1000 hours of experience.

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Hey! The tutorials on the official Infinite Flight YouTube channel and the tutorials in the #tutorials section here on the forum are great resources.

If you need specific help with something, my PM box is always open for questions.


I would like to also offer my services fir help, though I do not meet the age requirement, I have almost 2000 IF hours and alot of knowledge.

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I’ll help too I’m 14, grade 4 with over 2000 hours logged

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I can help assist you. I have just under 1000 hours in the sim and logged lots in real life too.

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