Looking for a staff position

Hey Guys,
If any of you are on “staff for hire” status for your VA and is in certification process please PM me about it.

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If you need staff for hire, then I would suggest that you mention this in your VA instead of making a topic. :)

EDIT: Whoops sorry mate. Thought you were wanting people to join sorry. :)


I think he meant that he is looking to join a staff role, I may be wrong though


Astor308 I think is correct, he’s looking for a job in a VA. Right @SpeedPlayz?

yup. that’s what i am looking for,

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I think your best option to become a staff member is to join a VA and show your dedication to the VA by being active and continuously contributing. Many VAs choose their staff internally when needed and may prioritize those who show dedication to their specific VA. Sometimes flat out asking for a staff position may just put you to the bottom of the list. Some VAs are ok with it.


Twins is right, I’m just now starting a VA and have a pretty open staff area, but would rather have people join and then show that they’re just as passionate for the VA like me, and then I would decide whether they’d be on staff


@SpeedPlayz Are you in any VAs right now?

Yes, i’m in American Virtual (AAVA)

Oh, duh, I should have known, I’m in AAVA too :D
Yeah, just fly often, and once you get towards the top, staff might begin to consider. KPHX has got a lot of flights you can do. :)

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Nice to see u want to guide a great VA
If I were u I would be very active and just contributing to AAVA and u will get u there 😉
Just my opinion

ive already found WWVA. I’ve applied so i yeah ill contribute there for now and ill see about AA.