Looking for a solution to make my flight experience great again (since 22.8 came out)

Good morning/afternoon/evening fellow IF airmen.

I would kindly like to mention a few things that I have lately noticed, which I am sure are affecting not just my flight experience, but many others too and I am in need of some assistance/advice.

If I understood correctly, since IF 22.8 came out, Infinite Flight is now working much better on Android devices than it used to work on iOS. Am I right ? If I understood correctly, since the 22.8.1 hotfix, there are no issues like app crashes, frame rate disruptions and loading issues on Android devices anymore and IF is running smoothly now on Android. In other words, these issues are now mainly on iOS devices

If that’s the case, I’m considering of getting myself a new device, an android device, in order to make my flight experience great again. I feel the need to inform you that since 22.8 came out, unfortunately my flight experience is not that great as it used to be on my iPad pro 5th generation, which is a great device but as it seems, it’s not the best choice for IF anymore.

I would be more than grateful for any advice on what would be the best choice and what would be the ideal device (which I suppose would definitely be an android device) for IF to run smoothly.

Finally, I would like to ask for some advice on how to make sure that IF will continue to run smoothly on the ideal device on future updates. As we all know, every new update means more data, more zeros and ones and more hardware requirements like processors, CPU and RAM.

As a matter of fact, if I may say so, I have a feeling that slowly, little by little, the more Infinite Flight gets updated, the more the digital world of IF evolves, at some point it could become to heavy for mobile devices and could evolve in a simulation software that would require stronger and advanced computer hardware in order to run smoothly, just like other Microsoft simulation software. In a few words, the more the software world evolves, the more the hardware equipment has to evolve along with it.

Let me know your opinions, thoughts and advice in the comments. Cheers and have a great day 🙂

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The iPad Pro 5th gen (M1) is the most powerful device that can run IF (and the new M2) so no new device is needed for sure, i’m sure the devs will come with bug fixes and make the experience great again for you 🙂

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Hey @ediks ! Thanks for your reply 🙂. Yes I know, the pro 5th gen is the newest iPad model that currently exists and it’s a really powerful and strong device. That’s exactly the reason I find it that strange that after just 2-3 IF updates it already has so many issues. I bought this iPad only about a year ago

i have the smaller M1 iPad and i’m not seeing any issues so far ingame besides the UI before the flight being a little bit slower but i’m sure it will be fixed

I am with 5th pro and its 💯! Which ipad do you have?

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The more updates that roll out the more system resources they’ll need

In order to keep it usable as time goes on is to limit the amount of things it has to do, and with IF the best options are to lower graphics and reduce the amount of other aircraft you see. Automatic low power when away at cruise can also help the device go longer on battery too

I have yet to do any of these - except for auto low power - because my device can handle IF no questions asked. Now my previous ipad had troubles with IF towards the end of it’s primary service run, but a long time back when global first came out, it had no trouble at all

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It’s interesting because I have an iPhone 12 with the A14 chip which is objectively a worse chip than the M1 and I haven’t noticed any performance degradation since the last update. It runs smoothly even on all high and battery usage at cruise (optimized) seems to be under 10% an hour.

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I think I’m only just realising why my frames are not that good. I’ve got my frames set to 30fps which is really low on the iPad pro. So I think the solution to the problem is simply setting frames to 60fps and set all graphics settings to high. Thanks for the tip @Alexbg29 🙂

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It’s all good now. I fixed it. I updated my iPad software and set the IF frames to 60fps and graphics to high. It’s now running nice and smooth again. Thank you all for your time and help 😊

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Glad it’s fixed. Typically, keeping your software up to date is always going to help things like this.

Deapite that, still gonna take the opportunity to convert someone to android.

you should switch or else 🙂 will be ☹️

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