Looking for a short flight out of klax

hello amazing people! i’m looking for a short flight tonight since i have school in the morning :) i wanna do commercial plane of course so lemme know thank you! also i want it to be out of klax !

The routes I can think of are Palm Springs, San Diego, SFO and Las Vegas.

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okay maybe i’ll do KLAS haven’t been there in a bit :)

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If we’re talking <30 minutes, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Palm Springs, or San Diego are my personal favorites. All of them are usually operated with the CRJ-200 of United, with the occasional E170/175 of Delta or American going down to San Diego.

Other than that, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Reno, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Fresno, Tuscon, Redding, and Stockton are all in the neighborhood of an hour.

Footnote: Sorry @NathanD, my LAX geekiness is sometimes overwhelming, lol. Did I name more routes in this post than the total number of routes out of Bozeman?


ooo thank you so much i appreciate it!

Try flying out on training, you might spot yourself on the 24 hour live I have going 😂👍. Anyways, try a nice KSFO - KLAX - it never gets old haha.

Or KSEA - KLAX. That one is a little longer - but very nice.

There’s more routes that fly out of Bozeman than you listed.🙃

There are also commuter routes out of KLAX to KSAn and vice versa.

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