Looking for a route

I would love some a330 a380 a350 and some 757 767 and some 777 routes!๐Ÿ˜€


Check this thread out, itโ€™s got plenty of routes to choose from.

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Going to flightsfrom.com you can type in a major airport and bee the flights based off of the aircraft:)

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In addition, this 3rd party website should help you pick a fun route as well. Chris has put a lot of work into FPLtoIF.com and this randomizer takes flights from SimBrief or Flight Aware and gives you a fun route to fly based upon the input that you ask it to find.

Example: if you want an overnighter A380 Route, you would select โ€œSuper (9+ Hours)โ€ for the flight duration and then โ€œAirbus A380-800โ€ as the aircraft. On top of that, if you has any airport in mind to start/end your flight at, you can see if it can randomize a route using that airport.

Good Luck & Have a Great Flight

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