Looking for a Real world trafic feature request

Hello guys ! I am pretty sure that someone someday requested air traffic in real time showing in IF maps but I can’t find any topix related to it and want to give my vote instead of creating duplicate topic. Can somebody may link me this feature’s topic?

Thank you and merry Christmas




If I better understood the feature request, I could help search.
But this one:

…don’t we have this already. I mean, when I fly, and look at my map, real time traffic is showing around me.


Not sure if you mean ‘real world’ traffic onto IF, (which wouldn’t happen) or this post by Laura with the A350:

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@Trio you linked me a empty results search…
ÉDIT: After removing the features hashtag from the search key, it was showing that famous topic, so, thanks !

@azeeuwnl I was talking about real world traffic implementation in IF maps (like GeoFS does) like if you were flying in real world

@Ecoops123 i will check the post, thanks !

Edit : I checked the post and no… this is not what I am talking about.

Happy ending year


Once you click the link, and nothing shows up, click the search button on the results page and it should pop up.


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