Looking for a Pilot: IF Indonesia Fly

Time: 0640Z
Location: Narita Airport
Server: Expert!!!

I was approaching Narita after a long flight. The winds changed while I was on left downwind 34L. I had to proceed upwind 34L to be on right downwind 16L. There was a Japan Air 787-9 which was taxiing to 16L since the winds were more favorable. Behind him was a 737 with the callsign Indonesia 7 7 7. The Japan Air Got on 16L and took off without incident.

Having announced over a zillion times that I was inbound Runway 16L, I was established and on final. Gear down, crosswind of 7kts, IAS of 165 kts and flaps 25 with all the lights on. The Indonesia 7 7 7 guy lined up on 34R. The opposite direction to my heading. While still announcing that I was on final 16L, the guy began his Takeoff roll. I had to go-around climbing steeply with our planes clearing each other by roughly 800ft. Dangerous right?
I pressed the report button but given that it was only two of us within Narita Airport’a vicinity and the 787 that had taken off earlier being miles away, I decided it was best to get hold of this guy in order to contact him/her. At around 0958Z, I landed safely without incident on 16L.

Thank you.


I’ll try to ask some of my IFFI friends if he is part of them

Unfortunately, report button has been disabled by the developers to avoid trolling after some cases of Live trolling incidents


Sadly seen identical situations recently on expert server. Newly promoted G3 who know or understand how Unicom works!


It is more shocking since he is a grade 4.

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Grade level doesn’t necessarily depict ones professionalism. I look out for pilots with a poor landing to violation ratio and steer away from them. Good situational awareness is key so that’s my advice.


Exactly, that’s what I have been thinking, because the grade level only shows the amount of landings, flight time and Xp, which doesn’t mean how good you are in the end…

Which comes back to the idea of IF being a simulator - not everything can be accurate. But it is a shame people like this are taking the expert server for granted.


Yeah, I agree with you.

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Perhaps that should be used as part of future grades? A ration between number of flights/ landings against total number of violations and or ghosting?

It’s actually a very good idea. Currently, to qualify for expert server, one flies a lot which also means that some pilots do some XP and flight time farming.

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