Looking for a pilot I was flying with today

hi anyone out there who was flying with me today…I was air force one and he was air force 2…we flew from knuc to kpsp–then we flew to klax…we were on the atc playground…the person I’m looking for he is a grade 5

I doubt you’ll find them. Most of IF’s users aren’t on the forum. Never mind Ts1.

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ok…but ill try to find him

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But he’s Grade 5 - most Grade fives have found the IFC

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Happy Hunting my friend! 😉

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he found me @Johann_Viljoen


Ha! Nice… now you can close this topic. 🙂

how do I close it…can you tell me for future refences

I took care of it. You just click on the flag below and choose why you want it closed. A moderator will close it for you.

ok…thanks for letting me know

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