Looking for a partner to work with

so running klm va was fun but now it’s getting hard so I am looking for a new partner

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Hi there.
A very imperative position in a VA is the Co-CEO. I recommend you look for a suitable Co-CEO for your VA. A Co-CEO is almost equal to the CEO/Owner.
Virtual Airlines are a lot to handle and need a lot of attention and responsibility, and a Co-CEO would lift some weight off your shoulders by helping with that.


I’m just here to say hi! :)

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Ey andy I would like to do this with you are you from the netherlands?

Just almost equal?

JK ;)

And a COO or a CDO

i could help…pm me

Hello Andy,

running a good VA is, indeed, hard. To get the best out of your VA I’d suggest hiring a Co-Founder. This way you can split the administrative work and focus on improving the VA. Also, if too many pilots are applying at one time, try and close the applications for a bit to handle the applications, then, after reviewing all of them re-open it and repeat this process. ^Jur - Founder



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Nice website. @JurWay

Nice website! all the best with the new VA!

I would like to help! Pm me!

sorry not from the Netherlands and not living in the netherlands

Ah ok I sended an application to you company I wanna join your VA I love KLM I live in the netherlands

I suggest you start some partnerships with other va’s to help aswell as having a co-CEO

IFF CEO Kieran Lockhart

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