Looking for a partner to practice formation flight

Hey everyone! I’m going to be practicing flying in formation in a few minutes, and was looking for a partner.

Ill be at…

Server: Training Server 1
Aircraft: F-22
Location: KPSP
Gate: GA C22

Flight Plan:

We will takeoff runway 31R and I will land 25L, you will land 25R


Just a suggestion: Don’t do it SoCal TS1 as that’s filled with noobs.

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I think you mean Ciao ;)

I don’t have expert, I’m a grade 2

Love to join you, but I’ll won’t be available till about15-30 mins, can’t fly properly in a moving vehicle (jets)

Wonderful. Okay, contact when ready. Is it okay to communicate here?

Should. My wifi modem isn’t installed as yet but I should have a work around with hotspot and laptop.

Okey dokey! If theres any aircraft on our route, should we intercept?

Your call captain Pie 😁

Ha ha ha. I love that.

Okay lets do it.

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Affirmative, wouldn’t the flight of xx callsign be handy if it’s a formation flight?

Sure. Ill change mine to RED ROCK flight of 2

Romeo Echo Delta
Romeo Oscar Charlie Kilo
Alrighty ill stick to “Navy 737 flight of 2”

Affirm. sounds good sauce boss.

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Will contact when ready

Okey-dokey then.
waiting until contact.

That’s what I meant earlier but it got deleted…

You ready yet m9?

where are you?

Give me a few, gonna spawn in in about 2 mins

Roger doger sauce boss. coming in a few.