Looking for a parking spot at @MMMX

Hello, I’m looking for gate E1 at T1, MMMX…
Can someone help me to find the location?
I’m coming from Lima


Page 20 ;)

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Here you go if you are doing it realistic make sure you have the gate Map handy when you arrive :) image


Thank you every one! What do you say about official thread for gate findings?

@DiamondGaming4 what do you say?

I would suggest that no need for a gate finding thread as most people will have access to google and so be able to find the airport charts that they need.

happy landings


I searched it and didn’t find…

i searched for “MMMX CHARTS” and it was the first result.


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It’s not the gate… I came with the 767 abd I wasn’t able to park… I gave up and dispawned, I saw this gate before and it didn’t make sense to me but I did what you told me and the 767 was too Large. You think I don’t know to search for gates… But it didn’t make sense and I knew it

Its E1, not 1

There is no E1 at MMMX

Also, it looks like this flight arrives at Gate 21/22

That’s what I thought… But look at the picture

I wrote it here

But it simply doesn’t exist. I don’t know why google said it does. According to FR24, it arrives at either gate 21 or 22

Do you know a good web when I can see the gate without codes?

There were a plethora of suggested resources (most of which are free) suggested in your previous topic.

Theres always Live Flight Horizon if you are a subscriber.

Additionally many times airports in FlightAware/FR24 will say E1 when in reality it is simply 1 according to the maps.

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We already told you the parking gates refer to the maps we put up above