Looking for a 'Martin Cunningham' on Expert.

I’m looking for a Martin Cunningham, who I’d like to have a word with regarding his procedures in flying. If it helps, his callsign was N121TT, and he was flying an Azul E195.

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That’s the thing; I don’t know his IFC username, which is why I’m trying to find him on here, if he’s even on the IFC.

Yes I think the OP is trying to discover their IFC user name so that they CAN PM them…


Thats a few times I have seen you commenting with an unhelpful comment. Pay attention to who you are talking to - Regulars tend to know their way around the place, and while you are reading this - it’s OK to scroll past a thread you have nothing to input… it doesnt win any brownie point commenting stuff like this or repeating folk all the time.

@anon67310022 Good Luck finding him, the Expert Server is becoming more and more amateur every day - I had a guy taxing onto 19 while i was on final on 01 yesterday… he then crashed immediately after take off, twice.


I don’t think I will, to be honest. I’d like to try though. If I can contact him, it’s one more pilot who would hopefully learn from their mistakes.


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