Looking for a job in the Aviation Industry.

Okay so i’m gonna be graduating high school in June and i need to figure out what i really want to do… I know I want to work in the Aviation industry but i’m not sure what type of position. Here are my top 4 picks of what i’d liked to be involved in.

  1. Air Traffic Controller
  2. Ground Ops
  3. TSA Agent
  4. Ramp Agent

Out of those 4 which would be the easiest? Or i’ll say 3 because ATC would definitely be stressful and hard.


It really depends on your long term goal. My first job was a ramp agent and I loved it (although, it is very hard work depending on where you go). My second aviation job was actually working at an FBO as a line service agent, which was easier with better pay, tips, and getting to network and interact with pilots and private jet people.

If you want to make a career in aviation, I’d say give ATC a try. I’m working towards being a pilot and I think ramp work is a great way to get a foot in the Industry.

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I think each job has its stressors and challenges, but ATC might be most difficult, just based on the workload and pressure.

I’d say maybe TSA agent is the most sedate, but it requires constant vigilance and monitoring. You could be the only thing standing in the way of a bomber trying to bring down a plane. Never know.

I would imagine the EASIEST to get right out of high school is ramp agent. I just applied and got a call for an interview and got hired but never did it. this was all out of high school!

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If i ever worked in aviation i would personally want to be ground crew, seems really fun helping those planes get ready

I know quite a few people who have started out as a ramp agent and progressed from there. That’s what I’m doing myself at least. Ground ops often prefer to have prior ramp experience, from what I’ve been told by friends who work in ops now.

ATC would be a good goal, it will be hard work, but totally worth it in the end.

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ATC is hard and also probably the hardest to get into, as assessment centers are typical. I for myself have decided to do ATC because you work closely with aircraft while being safe from weather, etc. so working realatively comfortable albeit with more responsibility and hence stress.

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As many have mentioned before, I recommend starting as ground personnel or studying aviation mechanics first and working in the field for a while until you can aspire to other positions within the aviation industry. The second option is much better, honestly, because over time you are likely to receive offers within the organization you are working for to move up to the next level. However, it all depends on you; remember that if you set a goal, you can achieve it with effort and discipline.

Similarly I decided to become a controller rather than a pilot because while I love to travel, I would rather be at home at the end of my day (which is still possible with certain airline companies). It is definitely a tough career and is challenging to get into but very rewarding.

Ramp work is pretty straightforward to get into, especially for someone your age; some classroom training and on the job training is basically all you’ll need.

TSA is also a pretty straightforward career to get into since you only need to be a U.S. citizen and graduate high school I believe.

I’ve heard airside operations work is really fun, especially since you get to be out on the airport up close and personal with the aircraft. I think they often can require an associates or bachelors degree in areas such as Aviation Management, Aeronautics, Airway Science, Business Administration, Public Administration or stuff like that but I’m sure it changes between facilities.

Ramp agent or tsa. ATC is the most difficult out of all of these

I’ll probably start applying soon! I can’t wait to get started. Only major problem is that the airport i’ll most likely be working at happens to be the busy LAX 😅. i’m not the greatest when it comes to stress but i’m sure i’ll enjoy it!

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