Looking for a job in the avaition field

Right, im getting to the point where if I don’t get a job… Im gonna go broke

So I found these 3 options that I want to work for,

Rolls Royce (oakland facility)
Regional pilot

Which one do you think fits me?

fedex has good pay
while rolls-royce is more on the engineering
you choose
flying or engineering

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Do you work for them?

im only an aviation major @ purdue university
i know a guy that works at fedex tho and he said he gets good pay

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expensive but worth :)
and it’s really easy to get in
i think 80-90% acceptance rate
and it’s also really fun
there’s a air race team :D

but because of the price, if you aren’t 100% sure that you want to make flying your career, i wouldn’t recommend applying for purdue for aviation, or any other universities for aviation

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Purdue’s aeronautics field has a wide variety of program offerings. I had the opportunity to tour their campus earlier in the year, and it’s basically nirvana for anyone interested in aviation. Their facilities are located directly on the campus airport itself, owned by the university. It has a fully staffed FAA tower with 200-250 flights a day with the many student pilots who fly in and out.

The main administrative building and several lecture halls are located within 1,000ish meters of one of the runway ends, which is wickedly cool.

There are three main fields of study in the aviation program there.

  • Pilots. There are about a dozen sims in the right wing facility used for pilot training, as well as a good number of GA aircraft. There are a few Cessna 310s, 172s, Cirrus SPs, and the lot. You should be able to have a good grasp and move on to the regional jet level after graduating through this program.
  • A&P License/mechanics. Basically, what you’re doing in this program is learning how to take apart and build aircraft, all the way from the prop to the stabilizers. I was able to take a look at one of the projects they assign you to do halfway through the study; you have to build an engine from scratch and have it run a prop outside in cold weather for a number of minutes to pass one section. Pretty neat! Preps you for repairing and fixing up aircraft when necessary.
  • The last main field of study is based around planning and business. Dispatchers are trained here, as well as how to run aviation-related businesses. Both those programs run out of a great lecture hall which is hooked up to some sweet weather equipment. If you want to be a dispatcher or dive heads in with a business, this is for you.

Of course, there are some minor other fields, but that’s how they classed it up on my visit.

Hope this helped!

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Make your own business…works for me! 🤓


Im not sure about that
I can ask my program director if you wish

I’m in state so for me, it looks like it’s either that or a flight school run by an airline. (Preferably Lufthansa)

Its not a flight school
Its one of the few schools in America that offers aeronautics and aeronautical engineering as one of the majors

Im entering my third year right now and its really nice
You should look into it if you want to fly when you graduate

You still get the same licenses as you would get in a normal flight school

I know Purdue isn’t a flight school. I said if I don’t go to Purdue, I’d go to a flight school run by an airline.

Don’t pursue a flying career unless you have jet fuel running through your veins. I mean there is nothing wrong with the job, it’s not a bad way to earn your keep.

But there is often eye watering amounts of debt involved with the training and jobs can be scarce. There are easier ways to earn the salary a pilot earns, which is why I think you need to be absolutely committed.

Rolls Royce / engineering is a good move. They have aircraft and marine divisions which adds to the variety. One minute you could be maintaining / engineering an aviation engine, next you could be maintaining / engineering a propulsion system for a naval vessel or cruise liner. I’d love that kind of variety.

All the best with whatever you choose.

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What experience do you have?
Are you already a licensed commercial pilot?
Have you considered ATC?

Aviation is the field to go.

Oh, my bad
Misunderstood what you said

The college debt to salary ratio in pilots isnt that good
So yes, you are right

If you’re close to being broke you should get a small eg a Supermarket or Cinema job, NOW, while you look for a better one.

It will take a while, as remember you may get repeatedly rejected (not saying you will at all, it may happen), all of this while you are broke.

Do you have any previous work experience? Any qualifications or degrees? At least tell us this so we can try and help you out.

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