Looking for a group of IF pilots to fly with!

Hey all!

I’m looking for a group of IF pilots to fly in a pack with from one hub to another. I’ve been seeing it trend when I’ve been flying on the live professional server. Would love to be a part of that. Hit me up and let’s cruise the skies together!!!

Captain de la Garza

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Could you elaborate with a lot of more information, like a set route, or time if departure. With these aspects, we could better understand your wishes and more members would join. If you need a reference, I have attached an information link on #live:groupflights. Thanks!

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Hello if you are looking for someone to fly with you can make a topic in #live if not please follow the rules and Check out this other topic below.

A Guide To Creating Group Flights

Yea I’m totally up for this, just what time and airport, and if any, what aircraft and airline?

For sure man, need more friends lol.

Hey man I usually do casual group flights over discord if your interested in joining we usually fly over discord and we actually sorta started this “tour”. If you wanna join us you can just message me ironman #9347 on discord.

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Burbank to Denver

10pm tonight!