Looking for a good VA

I am a grade two medium experienced pilot that only has the free regions and aircraft and I want to join a VA that accepts all people and is nice and is active if anyone knows a VA like this please tell me

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TravelSky Airlines

Ok I will check it out

Qantas Virtual Group Infinite Flight

Learn more…

What is a “good VA”? Never heard of such a thing.


Maybe you should look at this;

Instead of relying on owners of other VAs to say their own VA is the best


Join InFly their awesome and ran by @Flying-Switzerland message him in here or submit a response the thread is here.

Introducing InFly Airlines - A new era of VAs! - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ATC!

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I don’t see where he asked for the best Virtual Airline, do you?

@Stmaarten1778 We can make a deal if you want
;-) Join us and we’ll promote you immediately as a Junior First Officer and you’ll earn 1000$ InFly Virtual Money !

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Let’s do bribes time isn’t it?

You must see how leaders of VAs promoting their own airlines can be seen dysfunctional as the user will never actually find a VA. The database I linked would be more useful in my opinion as it gives a fair and impartial opinion


British Airways is a really good VA and very organized. Contact @LouDon16 or @Joshua_Fleming


This has turned into a va thing of people promoting their va saying it’s the best

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I have sent an application already to u guys in fly I think


I’ll check that for you ;-)

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Look I think we just need someone who isn’t apart of any VA to come out and say which one is the best, this is turning into an all out “join my VA, our’s is the best, please join our VA” kinda thing

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Thanks @Stmaarten1778 for joining us ! I’ve received your application and on behalf of myself and our entire airline we thank you for your choice !

Your registration will be completed in the next 24hours and you’ll receive a private message confirming your registration. If you have a question feel free to PM me.

Thank you and I wish you a very nice day/night !


Founder and CEO of InFly Airlines Group

Hi @Stmaarten1778,

Take a look at British Airways Virtual , we are always looking for the most professional, efficient and well executed pilots & ATC controllers to join our team of nearly over 100 active members from 21 nationalities which span 18 time zones across the globe. Take a look and if you like what you see feel free to reach out to our application and recruitment department by submitting a application via our website.


Any questions feel free to PM me :)

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Thank you and I hope to be hearing from you soon

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