Looking for a Good VA to join.

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You should come to Qantas…it’s actually pretty nice here. http://ifqantasvirtual.tk/index.php/ You really should take a look. We operate many aircraft, real-world routes, and have a flight info (PIREP) filing system.


Join Avianca Virtual At www.AviancaVirtual.ml
We’re currently accepting new members

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I saw an Avianca aircraft this morning. You didn’t by any chance have a scheduled flight today did you?

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I think you should join Alaska Virtual, and EasyJet Virtual. From personal experience they are easy to use, and are very helpful. They are both partners so you can fly with both of them!

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I would recommend checking out the Virtual Airline Database to find a great VA to join!

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I don’t remember but my call sign should be ava083 or avianca 083 and i should of been flying a Boeing 787-8. Good job looking out

Hmm…okay I’m right now in contact with TravelSky agents.

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Join my VA!

I hear Quantas is strict and won’t let you join any other VA’s though lol is it true?

Are you part of Qantas Virtual? If so PM me.

Whoa! A 797-8! Can I have one too? 😂

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What do you mean?

Honestly, I don’t remember…I could go look, but don’t feel like it lol. It’s a really good Va though, manuals for SOP, general pilot handbook, and other cool stuff. Also, to satisfy my pet peeve, it’s Qantas, not Quantas 😉


Look at your earlier post…

Quote it please

Here you go! 😃

I wasnting giving out aircrafts xD

Well, since you have a 797…which isn’t even in the game yet…I call hax…

Oh dang I dosn’t even see that lol nice catch