Looking for a good VA to join (remove post if criteria not met for topic)

So let’s begin! So, I have founded about 2 VAs in the past, neither going well. So, I have decided I will join a VA. (I know! gasps Who would have the privilege of me on their VA?!) So, enough silliness for now. ;) I don’t really care what level or rank I am, I figure I can work up through the ranks. Anyone who is part of a VA they can recommend make a post and if I am interested I will send you a direct message. Mods, you already know what to do. I haven’t been active for a while, so if this doesn’t meet criteria just let me know!
Thanks for your interest!

Preferably IFVARB certified
I am Grade 2 (I know, I haven’t been flying for a while, hope this doesn’t turn anyone off)
Proactivity appreciated

Search for one here. Choose the most suitable one for you. (I am the Recruiter of Thai VA, feel free to apply!)


Thanks! I will have a look.

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I’m the CEO of United Virtual, and we would love to have you! (Just to let you know, you may have to wait a little while before your application is accepted. We’re a little backed up right now.) :)

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I’ll have a look at yours too! :D

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Have a look at the list provide. Go through all the websites, IFC threads and so forth. It’s pretty obvious which ones are good after doing that