Looking for a Flight Group/Virtual Airline


Thats cool!


yes i agree!
You can join my airline if you want, we are only two pilots for the moment…

And thanks @The_simulation_nerd for posting this!!

We have only routes in Socal region because we have no a good number of pilots to fly in others regions at the same time.
We want grow our airline for flying in more routes with more pilots to be a very great airline!

We are members of IFAO


I was wounding what are a couple of good virtual airlines that I can look into


Oh God, why did u do this! Everyone get ready for the va wars! :P


Qantas virtual! Contact @QantasVirtualAirways


Join the most professional, organized, and fastest-growing Virtual Airline in the business, Infinite Flight Airline Organization or IFAO.

Need a Virtual Airline
Virtual Airlines ?

Is it a specific airline


You fly any Infinite Flight painted aircraft-Not a real airline, but an airline based off of the Infinite Flight developer airplanes.


Ok I have the 777


Are there any other ones


Qantas- http://www.ifvao.tk/index.php

American- http://www.americanif.net

Two of the most interactive, well designed.



This is a great cargo airline with many routes and aircraft




UPS IF VA! Every route, route every region! Find the link in a closed topic in profile.


Guys if your looking for the best Virtual airline then go to Qantas virtual infinite. And plus the Qantas livery looks awesome! And there are loads of routes so your not stuck in one region


Virgin America Virtual Airline is looking for people! Stop by!


very nice VA


Spirit Virtual is looking pilots! Join us! www.spiritvirtualif.96.lt


Join air.a320 through Instagram or check out aira320.tk


@Boeing time to find a nice VA for you