Looking for a Flight Group/Virtual Airline

Nick_Art, how do we join AF-KLM without passing by Facebook?

Thanks in advance,

Haha FYI I believed you guys merged with QVA…

I would like to join one

Hey Pilots… I’m just looking for a virtual airline I can fly for 😃 so it would be helpful if you guys can give me some choices below in the comment section. Thank you!

American Airlines Virtual at americanif.net Over 50 pilots strong!


Check out United Virtual Airline, the largest and leading virtual airline in Infinite Flight:

I would love to join this group but I barely get on Facebook… Is there any other way to contact you guys?

Yes, you apply to be a pilot through the website included in my above post :)

Great! Thanks

Just filled out the form hope the allow me to join

I signed up aswell!

I have flown with United Airlines

Are they good??? 'Cause they have all ways been my fave, but I have never flown to America or in America.

I have loads off times my dad has their star alliance card so it’s great we get deals

What are they like to fly with?

They are very good but some off their cabin crews look like people who woke up on the wrong side off the bed so they can becom very grumpy but part from that they are a very good airline

What aircraft have you been on with them? 757?

I flew on the Boeing 757-200

Thats cool!