Looking for a Flight Group/Virtual Airline

Hello Everyone!

Delta757 here, I’ve been a member since May but am just getting started. I’ve had IF for a few years and I am a fairly frequent flyer on live. I’m looking to join an Airline or Flight Group to add to my IF experience.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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The UPS IF VA. You can find the topic in my posted topics.

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Checkout this one

Check outs he Infinite Flight Airline Organization (IFAO) they’re pretty nice, and they have an event in 2 days to celebrate 100 members.


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Join FDS airline … Really good airline and awesome events

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I just Registered! :D


Join TravelSky Virtual Airlines! Contact @grxninesix for info

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Hey am about to get live am looking for any group that would like a new pilot i have 737-200 and all 777s and 757s and 767, looking for either united or american or southwest or delta would be open to any though

No 737-200 in the game 😀.

I assume you mean virtual airline right? You’re in the wrong forum if you’re looking for career opportunities 😂. Put “virtual” in the title so it isn’t misleading.

Check IFFGs Virtual Airline page. Adverts are all on there ((:

American virtual airlines is who I’m with here’s the link if you want to registerAmericanif.net

Hey guys are there any virtual airlines here that are looking for a pilot?😄
Pretty keen on joining one

I want to join one too! 😊

Join air Canada VA at http://aircanadavirtualif.weebly.com
Hope the link worked,

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Yes my Airline name is flyreise I have the Boeing 737-900 in my airline
From KSAN to KPSP route zopla, jetti, clstr, warne, oyonu, tevuc, KPSP.
Fuel 12.053 kg
Passengers 145
Cargo 6500 kg
Gate to start on KSAN is 9

If you want to work for my airline pleas say that then

Great! 😉

I can’t find AF VA for IF. Anyone knows?


Make one. (just so I can reach 10 letters)

You should join the Qantas one.