Looking for a Flight Group/Virtual Airline


Hello Everyone!

Delta757 here, I’ve been a member since May but am just getting started. I’ve had IF for a few years and I am a fairly frequent flyer on live. I’m looking to join an Airline or Flight Group to add to my IF experience.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Virtual Airline
Looking to join a Virtual Airline
Looking for a virtual airline that needs pilots
Virtual airlines
What is a good virtual airline you if

The UPS IF VA. You can find the topic in my posted topics.



Checkout this one


Check outs he Infinite Flight Airline Organization (IFAO) they’re pretty nice, and they have an event in 2 days to celebrate 100 members.


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Join FDS airline … Really good airline and awesome events


I just Registered! :D


Join TravelSky Virtual Airlines! Contact @grxninesix for info


Hey am about to get live am looking for any group that would like a new pilot i have 737-200 and all 777s and 757s and 767, looking for either united or american or southwest or delta would be open to any though


No 737-200 in the game 😀.

I assume you mean virtual airline right? You’re in the wrong forum if you’re looking for career opportunities 😂. Put “virtual” in the title so it isn’t misleading.


Check IFFGs Virtual Airline page. Adverts are all on there ((:


American virtual airlines is who I’m with here’s the link if you want to registerAmericanif.net


Hey guys are there any virtual airlines here that are looking for a pilot?😄
Pretty keen on joining one


I want to join one too! 😊


Join air Canada VA at http://aircanadavirtualif.weebly.com
Hope the link worked,


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Yes my Airline name is flyreise I have the Boeing 737-900 in my airline
From KSAN to KPSP route zopla, jetti, clstr, warne, oyonu, tevuc, KPSP.
Fuel 12.053 kg
Passengers 145
Cargo 6500 kg
Gate to start on KSAN is 9

If you want to work for my airline pleas say that then


Great! 😉

I can’t find AF VA for IF. Anyone knows?



Make one. (just so I can reach 10 letters)


You should join the Qantas one.