Looking for a device for infinite flight?

Are you looking for a spare device for infinite flight?
Using your main device for infinite flight will give you a lot of disadvantages and it can severely damage the battery if you use a lot and decrease battery life, so this post is here to give you tips for your secondary device to use for games.
(These tips may not be perfect but feel free to correct me)

Low cost devices
If you looking for a device that costs around £200-400 here’s a selection of it

  1. IPhone SE 2nd gen (£400-£460)
  2. IPad 8 (£350-£400)
  3. iPad 7 (£300-£350)
  4. Samaung A40 (£200-£250)
  5. Samsung S8 (£200-£250)

Mid-cost device
If you’re looking for a middle priced device, here’s a selection of it

  1. iPad Air 4 (£600-£700)
  2. Samsung Tab S6 (£600-£700)
  3. Samsung Tab S7 (£600-£700)
  4. iPad mini 5 (£400-£500)
  5. iPhone XR (£350-£500)

Lastly to all the rich boys out there
here’s the high cost device

  1. iPad Pro 2020 (£1000-£1200)
  2. iPad Pro 2018 (£800-£1000
  3. iPhone 11 (£700)

I hope this helped you
If you want a more detailed thread, visit @Kirito_77’s topic
Device Compatibility Thread 20.2 - Built By Us For You!

I can’t seem to find IF available for a kindle fire?

What about iPhone 12?

Hey there!

There is already a topic to help people looking for a device Here ;)

It has reviews for almost every product that supports IF and constantly updates with new reviews and devices ;)


Here is what I did I got a beat down iPad with no screen working for less than 100bucks(lucky touch and gyro works), I connected with an external monitor to land and take off rest of the time on cruise phase I turn off my external monitor.
Use this method if you are going to exclusively use the device for IF or any other game.

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Hello, this is a duplicate topic!

This is a very comprehensive list and review of most major devices that IF works with.

Please search before posting 🙂

#Copier lmao only joking mate ;)


I accept payments in either PayPal or Amazon gift cards. The cards are preferable as they are non traceable, and what with me being constantly chased down by the Rozzers, that’s important, but of course either is fine.


Kindle fire isn’t android or iOS and infinite flight is only available on android and ios

Oh I didn’t know about it, oops

You can use them if you really want :)

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Well I didn’t know it existed until now

Correction. A Kindle Fire does run Android, with a heavily customised Amazon launcher on top of it. It can run Infinite Flight with a few loopholes if you know what you are doing. They do not come with play services by default, but the beauty of Android allows you to sideload any application or service provided it is compatible.

But either way feel free to bookmark my thread if you wish, I keep it up to date with over 50 devices and it is always being added to :)


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