Looking for a device for infinite flight on a budget

Hi, I would like to get a new device for infinite flight for around £150-200, could anyone help? Thanks


I would check this thread out for a great list of devices:


What are you looking for in a phone? Or a tablet? Specifically what features, and at what settings do you want IF to run well at? I can help you. At that price point you may have to go second hand.

I don’t think you can get any device for such low prices that run IF somewhat reasonably. You could go a little over your budget to get the 2018 iPad which is typically around $300-350. I also suggest the iPad mini 4 which is around the 400-500 area which I use and it runs IF fine. Not the best but its good.

To be honest I’m not a fan of phones for IF so I don’t know any good phones for such price limits. In most cases, the cheaper the device, the lower the performance is something you should keep in mind when getting a device on a budget.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend an IOS device with the issues they have with the game right now.

Perhaps you could search for a galaxy s8, as they have reduced the price a lot in the past few years. You could fine one in the $150-250 range.

I was seeing mini 5s on Amazon new for around $550 also. Thats what I will be using soon for IF.

Its going to be hard to find a quality device under $300 IMO. Good luck!

@EyesSkyward I dont mind if it is a phone or a tablet I’m easy either way!

My iPhone 8+ is perfectly fine. Done 18 hour flights and phone hasn’t warmed up. I don’t recommend androids as the risk for screen burn in is too high for any advantages u get over IOS and it’s LCD models

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@Max777 is the iPhone 7 any good?

Just put the brightness down. With the S8 and up you get an option to turn the screen completely off during play. The phone is still on, but the screen is off. You just touch the screen again and it lights up to show where you are in the flight. There is no screen burn at all.

Not all android phones have AMOLED🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ like pocophone f1

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@Lufthansa2 I have an S9 and do this but want a secondary device so i can make calls and text on my S9 while flying

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Which settings do you use you’re s8?

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I have the S9, but I think the S8 should have a game tool setting option at the top, and you can have this option called “Screen touch lock”

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@Infinite_aviation1 on my s9 I use all max

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I ment infinite flight graphics settings

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If you can, the razer phone 2 was just at $300 for the holidays last Christmas. It’s a performance phone, so it should do very well in IF. It’s currently around $500, maybe more, but they do discounts often.

I should have gotten an s9

I have an iPhone 6s, runs great. An iPhone 7 or 8 would do perfectly fine.

I put it at medium, with airplane count at very high. I put everything on low and off when im cruising so it won’t waste any performance.