Looking for a challenge?

Try taking off or landing in LAKO airport in Albania. You wont be dissappointed


I’ll try it, thanks!


Just took off and landed there in an E170! It’s pretty fun!

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Will try this and see what happens

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Elevation will be fixed in next Airport update.

I found one the exact same, just let me find my screenshot of the ICAO code.

It’s 47CO and the airport is called Mile Hi and it’s in the ground pretty far, I tried taking off but you just can’t.

image image

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This is the new VOBI if anyone remembers :)

I just did in the e195! So proud!


I just successfully took off and landed in the 767! 😃👍🏻
Super proud!

I have a whole list of screwed up airports like this.

I got out of LAKO with the XCub but when I turned around to get back…
Let’s say I got distorted into space lol

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