Looking for a CEO for a New VO

Ok, this probably isn’t allowed so mods, feel free to close it. I understand.
Anyway, I am thinking about starting a VO called Airservices Virtual. I have started work on a website but it’s a work in progress. [spoiler]If you want to check it out, the link is https://sites.google.com/icloud.com/airservices-virtual[/spoiler]. I would be the COO and well, whoever I choose would be the CEO.

  • Must be TL2 or above
  • Must be mature
  • Must have a Google Account
  • Must have a discord account

If you’re interested, PM me.


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Interesting idea for sure

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Not really sure about using SR22’s for tugs…

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And is this only avilable to you tubers when they come to you?

Interesting… But if you just do YouTubers, your not gonna have enough interest…

I would open it to a “Crew/Pilot” kind of ranking within the VO


Good idea. I’ll definitely add that.

Have a look at my reply to @Balloonchaser

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I’m open to suggestions, what do you think would work better?

Unfortunately I am wraped up in a VA of my own now, but an intresting and new idea for sure…

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