looking for a buddy in if

hey i am looking for someone to fly with in if none of my friends play if so that’s a rip for me. if you also need a flight partner please pm me.

You should look into joining a Virtual Airline, will open up the world to you with tons of people that actively fly together.

Information about all of the VA’s can be found here - > The IFVARB Official Virtual Airline Database


thanks didnt know about dat.

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Well, the Forum’s the right place to be! You have so many people here you can take advice from, fly in events with and whatnot. Joining a VA/VO (like what mwe said) can bring you closer to other pilots 👍🏻

Smooth Skies!


agreed on everything you said

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Continuing on what @mwe2187 just said, the Virtual Airline community is awesome. You can apply, get accepted, then fly for a real or fictional airline. There are so many pros for joining a VA. A couple are…

-Fly for your favorite airline
-get flight hours
-become a senior captain
-bring realism to a whole new level
-talk one-on-one with real pilots
-meet new people
-have fun!

A couple VA’s I would apply for are FDXVA (very funny), BAVA (one of the biggest), VirtualBlue (very professional),ACVA (lots of events), and DLVA (very welcoming).
Hope to see you join a va soon!


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i apllied for united Va doubt ill get accepted but i might.