Looking for 2-3 people to do flights with

Hi guys, I’m just looking for people to do flights with who are based in the UK so we are in the same time zone. Just reply and when I have someone we can choose places to fly to. Also btw my fav aircrafts are B789 and A321!!


Well, hello! You can take a look on European VA, #live:va or #live:events or even #live:groupflights
A lot of people are flying together there :)


No you don’t. I believe you are suggesting to #live:events.

You are correct…Had another little read and it said to access events need to be TL2

I’m up for flying in the UK with you George

My Question is why 🕵️‍♂️ ? lol

If you want can always PM me !


Sorry George. I got mixed up. I was trying to reply to the opening poster.


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Yo would you like to do a flight some time @SteveSolo???

Please post a request in the #live:groupflights category. Be sure to read the instructions of the category linked above and follow the format. (title formatted correctly, flight within 3 hours from now, no gate assigning, etc)

Sorry for the inconvenience but this is needed to help keep the forum organized.